The 5 Business Books I recommend to beginners

The 5 Business Books I recommend to beginners

Any good book changes you.

Their is a saying that rich people read an average of 60 books a year while the average person reads half a book a year tells you something.

Books, in my opinion, is the one of the best investments you can ever make. Books costs around $5-$100 and can be worth millions.

The best investment you can ever make is an investment for yourself.

When and how I find time to read books

One of the most common problems I see with reading a book is the time it requires to sit down and read. I honestly feel like I don't have that time.

This is why I use Audible. Audio books are awesome because they just read it to you while you're doing things that don't require a brain.

I listen when I'm driving the car, jogging, and doing mandatory work weeding out my decal orders.

This allows me to go through a ton of books in a short period of time while maximizing my learning time.

I usually listen to a book when I reach a threshold. When I can't come up with a solution or a lack of ideas, books are amazing. They constantly keep my brain spinning with different ideas and approaches.

Here are a list of books that changed my life:

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

This book challenges you into a new way of living. It really opened me up to realize that this world I'm living in, is like a sand box and I can make whatever I want to out of it.

The basic concept of this book is to describe to you, that what you really want is not a lot of money, but to experience the life of a lot of money.

It starts out with creating a business. Then it teaches you how to make it so you can operate your business with the least amount of time necessary. Then it goes onto making your business mobile, where you can run your business anywhere in the world.

In the end you are making U.S. dollars, living off of Pesos, and paying your employees with Rupees. 

This book has a lot of productivity tips that allows you to live this type of lifestyle that is out of this world.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is the first book I have every read about entrepreneurship. This is a straight up motivational book followed by the fundamental entrepreneurial mindset.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is starting out because I think the mindset is the most important factor of being an entrepreneur.

Its like they say: "a poor man that won the lottery will end up poor, a rich man that goes broke will end up rich"

These mindsets will enable you to make a success out of any venture you do no matter what.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This is another top favorite of all time. I'm not exactly sure if I can completely trust the guy but the things that he teaches are solid.

This is a book that teaches you to have a entrepreneurial mindset and help you understand how money works.

You have to make choices when problems arise such as:

"I can't afford it" vs "How can I afford it"

One shuts your brain and the other makes it run.

It teaches you the fundamental of assets vs liabilities and how rich people spend their whole life acquiring assets.

A must read book to truly design your life.

The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing by Brandon Turner

While I thought out my life plans, I really wanted to go into real estate and rental properties. I had no idea how it works but I do know that they are really solid investments.

A lot of older generation people I know in the Chinese communities all invested in real estate and they seem well off.

Therefore I got this book from Audible. This book is amazing.

They teach you everything you need to know such as the benefits of rental properties, how to get the best deals, where to search, how to buy, how to rent, how to calculate if it is a worthy investment, and how to automate to build an empire.

This book is information rich and just gets to the point. No motivation required.

The 10x rule by Grant Cardone

When I got this book, I was already making a decent amount and had a very solid business foundation. One of my problems I was having though, was not growing faster then I want it to.

I already knew this book is probably a motivational book and I felt like I didn't need anymore motivation because motivation is already interlaced into my system. I bought the book anyways because I like the guy.


Is the motivational shit in there? Yes. What it helped me the most though, is that I am thinking too damn small.

It has made me realize, that the time I made the most and grew the most, was not when I came up with some brilliant idea. It was when I put a TON of action behind small ideas.

I had come to realize, that my weakness, is not that I am not getting enough sales or anything.

The problem with me, is that no one knows who I am. I had to be omnipresent.

When I learned this, it gave me a true awakening, and I knew what I had to do. 


These are the books that I have read to get my started to where I am now. You might think that it is not a lot of books but honestly, I don't think you should be spending most of your time reading when you are starting out.

I mostly listen to podcasts. I listen to a book once a month. Although I can listen way more then that, it still needs time to process.

I hope this list helped you, any book you recommend please comment below.



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