How to learn faster to be successful

How to learn faster to be successful

One of the most engaging criteria of a successful person is that they are constantly learning. With so many information and skills out there that you can acquire, it can be overwhelming. This is why you need to learn how to learn faster.

Universal learning

This way of learning is different from how your school biology class teaches. There is very little memorization. In any case, it would be similar to math.

In the case of mathematics, you only memorize the formula, and use that formula to answer many questions.

You can also use this way of learning English as well. Instead of memorizing a ton of words, what you can do is memorize the prefix/suffix to understand a word. An example we can use is the word "submarine"

"Sub" means under

"Marine" means sea

So you can conclude that it has something to do with under the sea.

I know this way is very minimal and can't paint a full picture, but by using this system of learning, you can process information a lot faster. You won't have to clutter a bunch of information that will only help you in a specific thing but instead accumulate a bunch of information that can help you in all things.

Breaking down to the fundamentals

When you want to learn something new, you have to break down the information so it's easier to digest. You want to look at the fundamentals.

In almost everything, only a few basic fundamentals make up the whole thing. Afterwards it is just a combination of these fundamentals to create a higher level of skill.

You want to use the 80/20 rule to figure out which 20% of the things you learn that create 80% of the results.

Here are examples of fundamentals:

In tennis, besides the rules of the game, to be decent at it, there is the most basic 5 types of strokes: Serve, forehand, backhand, volley, and overhead.

Mathematics: Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Online marketing: SEO, Social media, Ads

Focus on fundamentals

After identifying the fundamentals, you will then have to practice them daily. There is no other way around it. I can guarantee you that if you practice the fundamentals for an hour or two each day, you would be proficient at it and will become somewhat good in a week to a month.

Here are different ways to practice (using the fundamental examples from above):

In tennis, you can practice each of the shots by using a wall to hit the ball to. Even if your not holding a racket, while you're doing other things, you can just swing your hands constantly in the same motion over and over again.

For mathematics, you can find sample questions online and just keep solving them. Eventually you can even practice by creating numbers in your head and solving them in your head so you can solve them faster and faster.

In online marketing, you will have to also break down each of the fundamentals even more and memorize the basic tactics and philosophies in each of their category.

Keep records

As much as practicing the fundamentals, it is also very important to keep records. By keeping tracking on progress, you can see if you are doing something right or wrong. If you see that you are not improving in anyway, then you must change and find a different fundamental point.

Increasing brain circulation

Outside of universal learning, a very important aspect to increase your learning capability is to increase the speed of how your brain runs. Their is a physical aspect to this and a subconscious aspect to this.

In terms of physical, by keeping your body healthy, your brain will run faster. This means exercising and eating healthy. The brain needs energy to function. The better your health is, the more power to the brain.

For subconscious ways to increase brain productivity is by constantly doing activities that require your brain to act faster. These activities are hard at first because it conflicts with your habits but once you get into the habit of these activities, it will naturally stimulate your brain.

Here are some activities that can create subconscious brain power (may sound stupid but it works):

Walking faster

Talking faster

Writing faster

Typing faster

Reading faster

As you can see, these are all little things that you do everyday but subconsciously you put a limit to the speed. By increasing the speed, you will start doing all these things faster naturally and will result in doing everything at a faster pace. Your body has a set rhythm but you can change that rhythm.

It will take time but it is worth it.

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